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 Registration trademark in Malaysia

As you might be new to trade mark application in Malaysia, we would first like to share with you the application procedure involved.

New Trade Mark Application in Malaysia
1. Search Stage: · A search will be conducted at the Malaysia Trade Marks Registry to determine the availability of your mark. · If a same or similar mark filed before your application, there is a possibility of your registration being blocked by the prior mark application. · Unless it is an identical prior mark ( an earlier mark filed for trade mark application that appears to be exactly the same), there is still a fair chance for us to obtain the registration. If the search is favourable, the application may be filed.

2. Examination Stage: The Registrar will examine the application for a period of 6 – 8 months. The Registrar will raise queries or objections if he or she request for further information pertaining to the application. Applicant must reply to the Registrar\'s queries or objections by submission of official forms. · If the Registrar did not raise any queries or objection, the application will proceed to Acceptance Stage.

3. Acceptance Stage: Once the mark is accepted, it will be published/ advertised in the Trade Mark Gazette for 2 months. During the 2 months period, any interested party is allowed to oppose your mark. · The relevant party must prove a reasonable ground in order to oppose the registration of your mark. · If there is any Opposition filed, you will have to file a reply against it. If no Opposition is filed, the mark will proceed to Registration.

4. Registration Stage:  The Registration Certificate will be issued. · The duration of registration is 10 years from the filing date, renewable every 10 years thereafter. If no queries/ objections/ oppositions are raised, the registration process takes about 1 ½ years to complete.

Trademark Fees Quotes
1. Availability Search: RM 700

  • Word mark/Logo mark/ non-English or Malay word mark search
  • After the search, we will furnish a search report for you. Our search report will assist you in determining the registrability of your mark of interest. That will give you an idea whether or not your mark of interest is available to you for application purposes.

2. Application Stage: RM 1,200

  • For non-English/Malay word mark, additional RM100 for translation by certified translator will be imposed.

3. Advertisement & Registration Stage: RM 1,300

  • payable 6 months to 8 months after application stage
  • The fees above are quoted based on a smooth application with no objections or queries raised by the Registrar.
  • If there is any increase in the official fees, we reserve the right to adjust our fees without any prior notice. We will, of course, endeavor to notify you of the same at our earliest convenience.

Time Line Generally, for a smooth trade mark application, it takes 13 months to complete from filing of trade mark application till the pursuance of registration certificate.

Conclusion We hope the information provided is sufficient for your purposes. Please feel free to let us should you require further assistance and clarification.